1. Is it true that wearing face masks is useless ?

    Is it true that wearing face masks is useless ? Is it true that wearing face masks is useless in preventing the contraction of the COVID-19 virus because the virus is smaller than the filter in the mask? The answer is NO The virus is small but it does not travel by itself, it travels in droplets that are too large to fit through most masks. That is why you never touch the outside of your mask Read more...
  2. Flushing our way to better Health

    Flush toilets get the job done. They also require a network of piped water, sewer and electrical connections, the kind of vast infrastructure developing nations don't have, and likely won't, for years. That translates into a potentially lethal situation for the 2.5 billion people in the world who don't have access to modern sanitation. Last year, Read more...
  3. Google Review

    Google Reviews

  4. What were restrooms like in the old days?

    A hole in the ground, what was available and located outside in the backyard. 

  5. Hand Dryers Noise Levels Part 2

    A new chart presented to work out the noise level in db in comparison to Hand Dryers

  6. Hand Dryers Noise Levels

    It is hard for ordinary person to work out the noise level in db, which is the measure of noise level.

  7. Braille Signs Standard

    Australian, New Zealand, British and Canadian standard specifications and design for raised Braille and Tactile signs are fully compatible.

    Signs produced by Braille Tactile Signs (Aust) are fully compliant with D3.6 of the Building Code of Australia and Australia/New Zealand Standards AS1428.1. BTS (Aust)'s signs are therefore fully compliant with requirements in these countries.

  8. Required Washroom Accessories for Commercial Bathrooms

    Commercial bathrooms are meant to contain the required accessories users needed for sanitisation. With respect to the improving sanitation and cleanliness habits, commercial restrooms need to be kept updated and ready. Without the needed equipment to allow to keep people clean, any restroom is incomplete. 

  9. Trump Reverses Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Rules

    Trump Reverses Obama’s Transgender Bathroom Rules, 

  10. Designing commercial bathrooms in Australia

    A commercial bathroom is a place in which we invest a considerable time in front of the mirror to look presentable. We want to feel relaxed, attractive and clean. Bathrooms nowadays are becoming significantly more beautiful, and companies are designing items that can be installed to give a bathroom a spa-like feeling. If you are looking to redesign a bathroom or are buying a home, at that point you will want to invest energy make beyond any doubt that the commercial bathroom apparatuses you pick are the best. 


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