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Jetoz46S Jet Hand Dryer Silver
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Jetoz46S Jet Hand Dryer Silver
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Double-sided high-speed air jet.
Dries hands in less than 10 seconds;
advanced non-contact type brushless 
DC motor, excellent energy saving,
long life;automatic operation infra
red sensors, with water collection
tray and air filter.
A unique double-sided air supply
system, instant drying with hot or
cold air control system, 
Clean fresh air with dust filter
or HEPA anti-bacterial filter (Optional).
With 95m / s high-speed airflow,
and low power consumption of 750W, 
with 7 to10 years life cycle.
Adding to that, it is stylish design:
beautiful shape, practical and 
convenient to use.

Air Dust Filter
  Air Dust Filter
Water Drip Tray

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